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Luxury Living Tips: Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

February 12, 2024

Residences at Rivermark, the pinnacle of luxury living in downtown Baton Rouge, are meticulously designed to offer you an unparalleled experience of comfort, style and sophistication. 

We understand that your apartment is not just a place to reside, but a place to call home. In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the art of transforming your Rivermark apartment into a sanctuary that truly feels like one of a kind.

Area Rugs

Imagine stepping into your apartment and sinking your feet into a plush, luxurious area rug. The sensation is not merely tactile, but an experience that envelops you in warmth and comfort.

When thoughtfully chosen, area rugs can make your apartment feel cozy, warm and inviting. They can also elevate its overall look and feel and add a level of comfort—physically and emotionally—to the space. 

To select the perfect area rug for your apartment at Rivermark Centre, consider factors such as size, color and texture. Opt for high-quality rugs with soft textures that add a level of warmth to your space. Choose colors and patterns that resonate with your personal style, and let the rug serve as an elegant centerpiece in your room. 

Furniture Placement

Think beyond conventional furniture arrangements. Embrace the freedom to create your own layout and space. Your apartment is truly your own, and furniture placement is where you can choose your style and create the ambiance that resonates the most with you.

Strategic furniture placement is a powerful tool in your design tool belt. It not only opens up the space but also allows you to choose the layout that suits your mood and lifestyle. 

Imagine the possibilities: a spacious, uncluttered living area where you can entertain, a cozy reading nook by the window to escape with a book or a dining area that separates two distinct halves of your room, creating more boundaries. 


The allure of nature can have a calming effect on the soul. Bringing the outdoors in and incorporating indoor plants into your apartment can create a more soothing and homey atmosphere. Indoor plants have the power to connect you with the natural world from the comfort of your own space.

When you introduce indoor greenery, you infuse your apartment with life and tranquility. The gentle presence of plants adds an earthy and rejuvenating feel to your surroundings. Selecting low-maintenance indoor plants, such as elegant succulents or graceful peace lilies, ensures that your apartment remains a serene oasis without demanding excessive care.

Placement is key when it comes to indoor plants. Position them near windows or in well-lit areas to maximize their growth and aesthetic impact. Explore stylish planters and pots that complement your decor, turning your plants into chic decorative accents. 

Wall Art

Wall art serves as a dynamic medium through which you can express your personality and infuse color and character into your space. It is a tool that not only adds personality but also transforms barren walls into captivating focal points.

We encourage you to explore the vast realm of wall art. Select pieces that speak to your individuality, whether they are captivating paintings, vibrant prints or stunning photography. Each piece of art you choose becomes a reflection of your style and makes your apartment feel more like you. 


Color infuses vibrancy, character and life into your apartment. Luxury living is about embracing the palette of possibilities and using color to express your style and personality.

Liven up your apartment with carefully chosen colors that speak to your senses. Whether you opt for soft, calming hues that exude serenity, bold and vibrant shades that spark joy, or a mix of both to create contrast and interest, color has the power to make your space calm, bright or inviting. 

Reminder: Color doesn’t always have to mean paint. It can be the pattern of your area rug, the design on your hand towels, the vibrancy of your art, the fabric of your couch and so much more. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate different color pallets into your home to create a truly serene space.

Personal Touches

Personalizing your apartment is the final touch that makes it truly feel like home. Celebrate your individuality and craft a unique haven that resonates with you.

Add photos of loved ones. Use the kitchen spatula your grandmother gave you. Cozy up with your childhood blanket. Spray your dad’s cologne around the room. Put your kids’ artwork on the fridge. Use your sister’s old scarf as an accent piece. Incorporate memorable items and pieces of your life to make your space special and comforting. 

By adding personal touches, you create an environment that is not only stylish but also uniquely yours. Every decorative accent, every carefully selected accessory, tells a part of your story and contributes to the atmosphere of comfort that comes with being home. 

Luxury living at Rivermark Centre is about more than just the physical space; it’s about crafting a personalized space that truly feels like home. By incorporating these tips into your apartment, you’ll transform it into a sanctuary of style, comfort and warmth.

Choose a floor plan that resonates with you and apply today to live at the Rivermark Centre! Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you might have. 

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